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S U N N Y + B E A R


About us

S U N N Y & B E A R


PURE – to minimise our environmental footprint
You will notice that on every style we have alleviated the use of plastic buttons and
substituted them for concealed press stud stands to eliminate unnecessary plastic usage.
We have chosen to use 100% Linen as our fabrication for the following reasons :
Linen is the strongest natural fiber, it's non-allergenic and breathable. Linen is made from
the Flax plant which uses less water and fewer pesticides than cotton, making it the more
eco-friendly choice of fabric. Linen is fully biodegradable and recyclable.

PRACTICAL – our clothing is made with the wearer in mind. We have paid close attention
to fine tailoring and fit to make sure that our pieces are non-restrictive and comfortable,
allowing your little one to play freely.

With love
Kylie + Jordan


Linen is the strongest natural fiber, non-allergenic, and
breathable. Linen is thermoregulatory - keeping you
cool in our warm South African climate and warm in
the cooler seasons.

Linen is fully biodegradable and recyclable -
yay to saving our planet one small choice at a time.
This beautiful fabric will start out fresh and crisp and
turn buttery soft with wear. All of our garments are
locally made with the greatest of care. We pay close
attention to fine tailoring and a comfortable fit. Our simple & timeless design and focus on practicality allows you to walk around freely in comfort and style.

When your garments become too old and worn to be
used, you can cut them up into smaller pieces and
bury them in the ground. Linen takes as little as 2 weeks to decompose.